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Welcome to PlayJoy Arcades!

PlayJoy X Ellis Amusement locations are boutique arcades with premium redemption and arcade games found in malls, amusement parks, bowling alleys, restaurants, bars and other locations throughout the West. 

Make our arcades your go-to place for fun whether you just play one game of air hockey, or spend the whole afternoon with us. Whether you’re entertaining the kids while mom shops at the mall, taking your honey on a special date, or just hanging out with friends, PlayJoy will soon become your regular spot for a good time! Great for everything from special occasions to a quick drop, we hope that you’ll make our arcades your regular spot to spend time and make memories.

Our Locations

Check out our locations list to locate a PlayJoy near you and find your new favorite hangout!

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Your friendly neighborhood video game arcade

PlayJoy X Ellis Amusement was founded in 2019 with a single store in Boise, Idaho. Powered by Ellis Amusement, a family-owned and operated small business since 1981, PlayJoy X Ellis Amusement arcades have expanded quickly and can now be found throughout the West.

What you can expect from a PlayJoy Arcade:

  • Top arcades, always with something new to enjoy
  • A wide variety of games so there’s something for everyone – ticket games, driving games, shooting games, fighting games, environmental games, cranes, pinball, air hockey, pool and more!
  • Generous ticket payouts and affordable prizes
  • Player Card will work across ALL of our stores
  • Transparent, fair, affordable pricing (one credit equals one quarter)
  • Free player cards – just add your money to play
  • Rewards – free bonus credits will be added starting with a $10 Player Card purchase or Reload
  • No minimum cost for player cards – you can choose to load your card down to $1
  • No expiration on your credits and tickets
  • Name brand, trendy, high-value prizes
  • A cool, clean environment
  • Unique locations – every store has something new to play and win!
  • Multiple locations – keep your player card on you because you never know when our newest store will open at a new location near you! 
  • A+ Customer service – just call us for assistance at (208) 322-4524 (Opt. 2)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Visit our location map to find the PlayJoy closest to you! Once you arrive, simply visit our kiosk to purchase a Player Card with cash or credit. Once you receive your player card(s), tap them on the rainbow TAP pads at the desired games to play. Once you’ve finished each game, watch the TAP pads as they load your tickets electronically onto your Player Card (tickets are stored on your player card – there are no paper tickets). When you are finished playing, visit our smart Prize Hub to redeem your tickets for prizes. You may save your Player Card and reload it when you visit to keep your credits and tickets (they will never expire), or recycle your card when you are finished

What does it cost to play?

There is no charge for your player card, simply load the money you want to spend onto your player card with the minimum being $1. Most games cost $1 to play (4 credits). Each rainbow TAP pad will list the number of credits to play.

We recommend about $10/person for 20-30 minutes of play time and redeeming tickets at the Prize Hub, or $20/person for 45-60 minutes of play time and redeeming tickets at the Prize Hub.

Where are my tickets?

Your tickets will load electronically onto your player card – there are no physical paper tickets.

Will my tickets and credits expire?

Neither will ever expire and can be used at any PlayJoy so you can save your tickets for higher-ticket prizes!

What can I do if I lose my Player Card?

Be sure to register your card following the steps on the back of the card so we can create a new card and load your credits and tickets if it gets lost!

What do I do if I need a refund or have an issue?

We 100% stand behind our product. If a machine or facility is not up to standard, we will gladly provide a full refund or otherwise preferred method of correcting the issue. Simply call us at (208) 322-4524 (Opt. 2) for great service.

How do I purchase multiple Player Cards?

There is an option to select up to 6 player cards at the time of purchase when you visit the kiosk. It will split the TOTAL amount you choose to spend evenly across the number of Player Cards you select. For example, if you choose 3 player cards and choose to spend $15, it will put $5 on each player card ($15 total), NOT $15 on each card.

Does the kiosk give change?

Unfortunately the Kiosks do not give change, so only enter the exact amount of cash you want to spend, or pay with credit card so you can choose the exact amount to spend.

Can I combine my credits and tickets from multiple cards onto one card?

Yes! Call us at (208) 322-4524 to combine up to 3 Player Cards, or visit our kiosk!

Does PlayJoy offer party packages?

We don’t offer specific party packages, but many people hold parties at PlayJoy! Visit the kiosk and purchase Player Cards up to 6 at a time, and take advantage of our Bonus Credit structure for extra fun! Hand out Player Cards to guests and enjoy! Feel free to use tables at participating locations with no additional charge, we just ask that you clean up the space at the end.

Can I re-load my Player Card?

Yes! Simply visit our kiosk, select “Reload Card” on the screen, tap your Player Card on the red scan pad, and follow the prompts on the screen!

What do I do with my Player Card when I’m finished playing?

You may keep your Player Card to reload and continue playing at your next visit, or recycle your card in the bin at the front.

Want to host a PlayJoy X Ellis Amusement Arcade in YOUR Business?

Our PlayJoy boutique arcades are a premium service that our parent company, Ellis Amusement, provides to locations who have a larger usable area for oversized arcade games or multiple arcade games, a high traffic count, and are typically destination entertainment locations.

Contact us today at (208) 322-4524 today to meet with us! We will discuss your needs and goals and help to determine if hosting a PlayJoy is right for your business!

Does your businesses have extra square footage and high foot traffic?

Our PlayJoy X Ellis Amusement arcades are quickly becoming a recognizable brand with a solidified customer base. Networked together with other locations including Lagoon Amusement Park, malls, and more, our PlayJoy arcades can help to make your business a destination for your customers.