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Ellis Spirit Collective

Personalized, Effective Liquor Representation

The Beverage Division of Ellis Amusement provides an innovative and effective model for Liquor Representation to personalize liquor sales and ensure lasting beverage placements within a steadily–growing customer base.

We recognize that the problem with traditional representation is that companies represent anyone and everyone. Our focus is on long-term partnerships, so we limit the number of brands that we represent to a select few per territory so that the brands that we sell are the focus. This proven model WORKS – custom, focused, boutique brand representation for smaller, or up-and-coming businesses. Capitalize on our long-term relationships and trust within bars and restaurants – we’ve already done the leg work!

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Our Featured Brands

Brand Representation

Innovative Liquor Sales Representation

Are you done with the same old tired, ineffective model of liquor, and bar/restaurant brand representation? Contact us at (208) 322-4524 if you’re ready to take your brand to the next level. 

Our innovative sales network will get your brand directly in front of the consumer you want: OUR customers who trust us – BAR MANAGERS AND OWNERS. 

Our sales network is comprised of Amusement Operators across the nation who work closely with bar owners and managers every day, and therefore have built trust and relationships with these key customers. They are already visiting these bars on a regular, consistent schedule, and are able to utilize these long-term, trusted, loyal relationships to sell YOUR brand into these locations. More importantly, because they are in front of these customers all the time, they follow up consistently to ensure your brand not only makes it onto the shelf, but continues to be re-stocked for the long-term, that the marketing plan is consistently executed and is having effective outcomes. 

Let Us Rep Your Brand!

When you hire the ESC to represent your Liquor brand, we will work with you to determine your budget, your desired territory and your marketing resources. From there, we will contract our sales network to directly target your desired demographic, and build a long-term sales plan for your brand to effectively and personally represent your interest.

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Operator Resources

Take advantage of a new ancillary sale to capitalize on your hard-earned location trust and connections

Become an Ellis Spirit Collective Sales Representative – we will pair you with a liquor or bar/restaurant brand that is seeking direct representation in your area. You will utilize your relationships and connections in your locations to sell your liquor brands into your accounts, execute simple marketing campaigns (which we will provide) to grow sales, and ensure that the brand stays on the shelf and is being re-ordered. You will receive a commission split for your services and for your mutual success for this ancillary, simple sale during your regular route! Train your route staff to do the same, and offer them an incentive to increase their pay as you earn!

Sell Our Brands!

Take part in this fun, creative, and naturally complimentary service that only YOU can provide as a route operator.

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Ellis Spirit Collective

Contact us at (208) 322-4524 to become part of the Ellis Spirit Collective family of brands! Whether you are the owner of a spirit or looking to add more products to your sales route, we would love to talk to you.

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