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About Us

Our Commitment To You

Service is the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to maximize earning potential as a team member with our locations to create joint financial success. Every customer receives our 100% effort, every time – we go above and beyond to create value for our accounts and players. Experience the difference that our unmatched, industry-leading service can make.

  • Our service is unmatched. The dedication our team has for your business is our 100% effort, every time
  • We provide the best machines for your location, and are HIGHLY competitive in the market to earn your business in every way
  • We are constantly innovating and evolving to keep our operation modern and cutting edge
  • We have a dedicated, highly-trained and experienced team who keep your machines in great working order, and provide fast service to get them working if there’s a problem
  • We are here for you with available technical service at any time for emergency service, regular check-ins, and available to you all the time for any of your needs
  • Transparency, honesty and fairness in all that we do
  • We are a FULL SERVICE operation. We pride ourselves on offering absolutely EVERYTHING an amusement operator should, with great competence, skill, and care
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Our History

A Family Legacy of Dedication

Ellis Amusement has successfully been operating since 1981- what was once an underdog story has transformed into one of the largest operations in the West due to our unchanging commitment to excellence in sales and service, which is still at the heart of everything we do.

Ellis Amusement started with a spark of intrigue when our founder, Rick Ellis, grew tired of booking rock bands in LA, and wanted to come back home to Idaho, but wasn’t sure where his future would take him. Late one night, he left a band gig to find a line of customers wrapped around a local gas station waiting for something that was obviously drawing a crowd. Wondering what this could be, he looked inside to see that they were all in line for a chance to play the newest rage, one of the first arcades: Asteroids. Very shortly following, he left LA, came home with the idea for Ellis Amusement, and the rest is history.

Ellis Amusement was built steadily through the years because of an unwavering commitment to excellence in customer service. Every customer receives our 100% effort and quality, every time, and always will.

The operators of Ellis Amusement now continue the legacy and tradition of excellence with its second generation of owners, Rick and Marylou’s daughter and son-in-law, Ryan and Sydney Harris. They continue to honor the mission of Ellis Amusement, and will carry these values forward to future generations: the foundations of excellence in customer service that built the business, partnerships, and friendships that we love so much.

Meet The Team

Ellis Amusement is a successful and growing, multi-generationally operated amusement business since 1981. We are privileged to have a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals who keep our operation, with hundreds of accounts across the West and thousands of titles running smoothly for our customers. With over 200 years of collective technical experience in amusements among our leadership team alone, we are able to provide the best service in the industry.

Our amazing team of 30 route collectors, technicians and contractors who support our operation every day with dedication and skill. We are not just a team, but friends and even family. We have had fathers and sons work with us, brothers and sisters, married couples and best childhood friends. Each of our team members have contributed something special, and we believe we currently employ the best and strongest team to date. It’s amazing that our team of 30 accomplishes an amazing feat, serving hundred accounts across the West every day. We appreciate all that they do, and their dedication and service is what makes Ellis Amusement great.